Referee Suplexes 12-Year-Hockey Player, Breaking His Wrist (Video)

referee suplexes 12-year-old hockey player

You know who’s not caught up in the Olympic spirit? Pretty much everyone at the peewee hockey game between Brokenhead and Sagkeeng in Winnipeg last Saturday. There was no sportsmanship or camaraderie, and there was no setting aside of differences. Instead, there was only physical violence and an abundance of foul language.

The two teams of 12-year-olds met in the semifinal game of a local tournament. Toward the end of the game a fight broke out amongst the players which, as you know, sometimes happens in youth hockey. However, just when things had settled down a bit, a Sagkeeng player named Kainen Bell lit another fire. The little punk skated over to the Brokenhead bench, talked some sh*t, and then slashed a Brokenhead player in the back of the leg, starting another fight.

That’s when things went from bad to worse. One of the referees decided he’d had enough, so he went over and broke up the fight by suplexing the kid to the ice, WWE-style. At that point the classy parents (from whom the little hooligans had no-doubt learned this behavior) went absolutely bonkers.

Take a look:

Apparently Kainen suffered a broken wrist in the melee. If it was indeed caused by the referee, that’s bad news. These guys are the adults, and they are supposed to keep their cool at all times.

That being said, let’s not lose our minds here. This kid was brawling with other kids. He wasn’t just minding his own damn business. If you’re going to start fights, bad things are going to happen. So, lesson learned.

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