2014 Sochi Olympics: Rob Ford Jumps For Joy as the Canadian Women’s Hockey Team Wins Gold (GIF)

rob ford celebrates canada hockey gold medal

Canada is a country that eats, drinks, and breathes hockey. The game isn’t part of their national identity, it is their national identity.

Thus, as you would expect, Canadians went totally bonkers when the Olympic women’s hockey team came back from two goals down and just three and a half minutes left to play to stun Team USA and win the gold medal. Kids watching the game at school were screaming with delight. Adults who played hooky from work to watch the game at a pub were jumping up and down and hugging complete strangers. Canadian fans and Olympians at the Bolshoy Ice Dome in Sochi partied like there would be no tomorrow.

And then there was Toronto crack-mayor Robert Bruce Ford, Canada’s most infamous sports fan. He was watching the game at City Hall in the council chamber with the rest of Toronto City Council, because that’s how they roll. And yes, you could say he was excited:

rob ford celebrates gold medal

If the fans at CenturLink Field in Seattle tip Richter scales when Marshawn Lynch scores touchdowns, I can only imagine the readout on Richter scales in Toronto yesterday.

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