This 4’11” Eight Grade Basketball Prodigy’s Ball-Handling Skills Are Off the Charts (Video)

chase adams basketball phenom

Most of the basketball phenoms we come across on the world wide interwebs are freakishly big for their age. There was Ladarius Marshall, the 6’5″ monster jamming 8th grader; William Dillard, the 6’3″ windmill dunking 7th grader; and of course, Bol Bol, the 6’5″ seventh grade son of Manute Bol, who dunks and shoots threes.

However, you don’t have to be freakishly huge to be a basketball prodigy. Chase Adams, a 13-year-old eight grader from Chicago, is proof of that. This kid is only 4’11” tall (which is slightly below average), but he is an absolute wizard with the ball. Last year, as a seventh grader, he led an eight grade basketball team to a 56-3 record, despite being about half the size of some of his opponents.

Take a look:

Windmill dunks? Who needs ’em. This kid is ridiculous.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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