Golfer Steve Elkington Makes Gay Joke About Michael Sam on Twitter

While taking part in the NFL Combine this week, former Missouri Tigers defensive end Michael Sam stated that he’d prefer the focus on him to be about his play on the field, rather than his sexual orientation.

That seems like a fair request from Sam, but it could be a tough one to enact as long as homophobic nitwits like PGA golfer Steve Elkington are making ignorant comments like this on Twitter:

steve elkington michael sam tweet

I should remind you that Elkington is a golfer.  Yeah, that’s right!  A GOLFER!!!! This dude can’t even carry his own bag or have someone make noise during his backswing.  And he’s making fun of a football player by suggesting he took part in a handbag throwing drill at the NFL Combine?  Did I miss the point in history when golfers became tougher than football players?

Needless to say, I doubt Elkington would even think about making a comment like this to Sam’s face.  That’s just the way this classless douchebag rolls.

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