Rob Ford Gives Himself a Nutshot While Celebrating Canada’s Gold Medal in Men’s Hockey (Video)

rob ford fire hydrant nut shot canada hockey gold medal

Last week we saw how Rob Ford, Toronto’s crack smokin’, gay slurin’ mayor and Canada’s most infamous sports nut, celebrated the shocking victory of the Canadian women’s hockey team in the gold medal game (hint: that wasn’t an earthquake you felt). This week we get to see how he celebrated the men’s victory.

Of course, the men’s gold medal game was on Sunday, which means Mayor Ford wasn’t watching the game during a session of City Council. But he did take in the game in a public setting, and afterward he took to the streets with the rest of the city to celebrate—because yes, that’s how much winning the gold medal in hockey means to Canadians.

Did anything truly outrageous happen? For once, no. Ford managed to go the whole time without talking about oral sex with his wife or reminding everyone how comically overweight he is.

However, he did walk right into a fire hydrant, giving himself an awkward nutshot.

Here’s the video:

And for posterity’s sake, here’s the GIF:

rob ford fire hydrant

When it’s all said and done, this probably won’t be on Rob Ford’s “Greatest Hits” compilation. But it’s still amusing.



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