Rogelio Chavez of Mexico’s Cruz Azul Scores Ridiculous 50-Yard Volley (Video)

rogelio chavez (cruz azul) amazong 50-yard goal

Sometimes amazing soccer goals are the result of a brilliant strike, and sometimes they are the result of a gaff by the goalkeeper.

This amazing soccer goal, however, is both.

It comes to us from Friday night’s Mexican Liga match between first place Cruz Azul and Quertero. Up 2-1 with just about a minute left in the game, Cruz Azul’s Rogelio Chavez took a throw-in near the center field line. His teammate headed the ball right back to him, and because all he needed to do was run out the clock, Chavez decided to just launch one toward the goal.

Of course, as you’ve surely realized by this point, the ball managed to squeak by the keeper and the goal post, right into the net.

Here’s what the unexpected goal looked like on television:

And here’s what it looked like from the stands:

That was a pretty great strike. However, I’m thinking the keeper would probably like to have that one back.

Hat Tip – [Dirty Tackle]

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