Watch this Stuntman Do the World’s First Running Loop-the-Loop (Video)

running loop-the-loop

Everyone has been on or at least seen a roller coaster that does a loop-the-loop. You might have built loop-the-loop tracks for your Hot Wheels as a kid, or even seen the real life Hot Wheels loop-the-loop stunt they did at the Summer X-Games a few years ago. And chances are you’re aware that people have done loop-the-loops on motorcycles, bikes, and even skateboards.

But what about running? Have you ever seen a human being do a loop-the-loop on foot? Probably not—until today.

British stuntman and freerunner Damien Walters recently decided he would attempt the world’s (supposedly) first ever running loop-the-loop. The effort was “sponsored” by PepsiMax, who apparently wanted to show the world that anything is possible when you drink their carbonated sugar-free beverage. Walters and his team of experts set up shop in an abandoned warehouse (because a park wouldn’t have looked as cool on camera), planned it all out, trained, and then pulled it off.

Take a look:

On the one hand, I feel like this has probably been done like a hundred times by dudes in Kung Fu movies.

On the other hand, yes, it is still extremely awesome. So thanks, PepsiMax! (But no, I’m still not drinking that nonsense.)

Hat Tip – [Mashable]

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