21 Hottest NHL WAGs of 2014

hottest nhl wags 2014

Hockey players don’t make as much money as baseball, basketball, or football players. Plus, most of them have major dental problems, and they are nowhere near as famous as other athletes south of the 49th parallel. However, on the whole, hockey players are a more down to earth, less pretentious bunch than the guys in the other leagues. Moreover, if I were going to rank the four major North American pro sports leagues accordance to the fitness of the average athlete—and I am, right now—I’d say the NHL is first, followed by the NBA at number two and the NFL and MLB in a tie for number three.

My point? Despite their relative anonymity in American pop culture, NHL players have a lot going for them and do pretty well with the ladies.

So today, in part to celebrate the return of the NHL after the Olympic break—but mostly just ’cause—we present to you the hottest NHL WAGs of 2014. As always, it’s totally objective and scientific, so don’t even bother disagreeing with it. Just take a look, accept the rankings as accurate, and enjoy living vicariously for a few minutes.



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