Aaron Hernandez Reportedly Attacks Fellow Inmate at Bristol County Jail

aaron hernandez jail

Former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez has been in jail since June 26, writing letters to pen-pals while awaiting trial for the (cold-blooded, execution-style) murder of Odin Lloyd,  And all that time he’s been kept away from the general population, supposedly for his own safety. However, if the reports coming out of the Bristol County Jail this week are true, it’s everyone else they need to be worried about.

According to a report by TMZ, on Tuesday Hernandez was allowed to take a walk in a supposedly isolated hallway. However, he somehow managed to come in contact with another inmate and, wouldn’t you know it, that other inmate just so happened to be the exact guy that had been harassing Hernandez nonstop all day. What a coincidence, right?

Anyway, TMZ says Hernandez attacked the other inmate and beat the crap out of him. Whether it was a “bag of ice on the face” beating, or a “trip to the infirmary to get his jaw wired shut” beating, we do not know.

Either way, we have to tip our hat to the folks at the Bristol Country Jail. It sounds like they’re doing a fantastic job.

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