NFL Network’s Rich Eisen Runs the Forty at the NFL Scouting Combine…Again (Video)

rich eisen runs the 40 at nfl combine

The NFL scouting combine is pretty silly. There’s almost no evidence to suggest that standout performances in individual drills are related to success in the NFL. Mike Mamula, Darius Heyward-Bey, and Bruce Campbell all turned heads at the combine and turned out to be average football players. Hell, Tim Tebow put on an incredible display of athleticism, too, and he’s working for ESPN now.

Still, every year NFL coaching staffs converge and we go through the motions like we’re really going to learn something new that’s going to dramatically alter the balance of power in the NFL.

At least the NFL network’s Rich Eisen doesn’t take it too seriously, though. In 2005, Terrell Davis challenged Eisen to run the 40. The sports anchor happily accepted and he’s been doing it ever since, posting times of 6.77 (2005), 6.22 (2006), 6.43 (2007), 6.34 (2008), 6.34 (2009), 6.21 (2010), 6.18 (2011), 6.03 (2012), and 6.03 (2013).

So how did Rich do this year? How about a new personal best of 5.98, which is probably also the world record for middle-aged news anchors wearing suits.

Take a look:

Want to see all of Rich Eisen’s attempts at the 40-yard dash over the years? There’s a whole page dedicated to them at, so check it out.

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