31 Hockey Save GIFs that Prove Goalies Are Actually Wizards

awesome saves (hockey save gifs)

Everyone knows hockey goalies are crazy. How could they not be? Their job is to stand in front of frozen chunks of vulcanized rubber being fired at them at 95 mph. That being said, these crazy people are also amazing athletes who do things most of us couldn’t do in our wildest dreams.

Score a goal? Yeah, okay, I can imagine myself doing that. Throwing a wicked body check? I can totally imagine myself doing that. But slide six feet from left to right, drop into the splits, and grab a puck out of the air with my glove? No, cannot imagine doing that, and frankly I don’t even want to try.

With today’s list, therefore, we salute hockey goalies, who perhaps the most under-appreciated athletes in North America. I dare you to take a look and act like you’re not impressed.


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