Jeff Gordon Made Another Commercial for Pepsi Max, and It’s Pretty Much the Best Thing Ever (Video)

jeff gordon pepsi max commercial prank

Last March, Pepsi Max made a pretty great commercial starring Jeff Gordon. The gist? The NASCAR superstar puts on a disguise, goes to a Chevy dealership to test drive a Camero, and then puts an unsuspecting car salesman through hell when he tries to recreate scenes from one of the Fast & Furious movies.

Of course, the whole thing was fake, and many internet type people said so, including yours truly. However, one such internet type person made a particularly compelling argument, and that was Jalopnik’s Travis Okulski. He pointed out how Gordon wasn’t actually driving the car, how it was the wrong model year, and how everyone in the commercial was an actor—all true facts confirmed by somebody who was on-set filming the commercial.

Mind you, none of that changed the fact that it was an awesome ad, or prevented it from getting 40 million views on YouTube. However, the folks over at Pepsi were a little annoyed that their supposed prank got called out so quickly and thoroughly. So this year they decided to get revenge on Travis Okulski.

How did they do that? By getting in touch with his managing editor at Jalopnik, Matt Hardigree, and setting up an elaborate ruse to get Okulski to Charlotte so they could pull a real disguise prank in which Jeff Gordon really was the driver.

The result? A 100% real, ridiculously amazing commercial.

Take a look:

If you want to read more about the whole thing—and you definitely should—Okulski wrote a story about it that went up on Jalopnik today. 

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