Josh Reddick Robs Michael Morse of a Home Run Twice in One Game (Video)

josh reddick catch

We’re just one day into the MLB spring training schedule, but apparently Oakland A’s right fielder Josh Reddick is already dialed in.

Yesterday, new Giants left fielder Michael Morse drilled a ball to right field on a trajectory that should have given him a home run. However, Reddick scaled the fence like Spider-Man and made an absolutely ridiculous grab.

Impressive? Sure. But even more impressive is the fact that, later in the game, Reddick did it again. Same batter, same spot, same result.

Take a look:

All you can do when this happens to you is shake your head and laugh. And fortunately, this is just the preseason, so that was easy enough for Morse, who took to Twitter after the game:

josh reddick catch - morse tweet

Reddick also took to Twitter to acknowledge his impressive day:

michael morse tweet at josh reddick

Then he offered to buy Morse dinner:

josh reddick tweet

Reddick had better bring his Visa Platinum to that dinner, though. If I were Michael Morse I’d be ordering a dry-aged porterhouse and paging the sommelier.

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