Montreal Canadiens Ask Their Fans to Sing O’ Canada While Honoring Gold Medal Hockey Teams (Video)

canadiens tribute to gold medal hockey players

Most non-Canadians probably don’t understand why Canada winning gold in both men’s and women’s hockey at the 2014 Winter Olympics is such a big deal. Yeah, it’s cool, but they did the same thing in 2010 and 2002. Doesn’t the luster wear off just a little bit?

Well the answer is no, not in Canada. It’s almost impossible to understate how much Canadians love hockey. Take the passion Americans have for the NFL and combine it with the nostalgia Americans have for baseball, then multiply it by two. That’s kind of what it’s like.

It should come as no surprise, therefore, that Canadian NHL teams would honor their Olympic hockey heroes in the first game back from the break. However, the tribute in Montreal last night before the Canadiens-Red Wings game was especially awesome. After introducing the members of the men’s and women’s teams in attendance—including P.K. Subban, Carey Price, and golden goal scorer Marie-Philip Poulin, who got just as big an ovation as the hometown pros—the public address announcer informed the crowd that they would be performing the Canadian national anthem that evening.

And they did a hell of a job:

Come on, doesn’t a little part of you wish you were Canadian after watching that?

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