Ryan Kalil Bids Retiring Teammate Jordan Gross Farewell with a Barbershop Quartet Serenade (Video)

ryan kalil serenades jordan gross barbershop quartet

The recent bullying scandal involving Richie Incognito, Jonathan Martin, and several other members of the Miami Dolphins sent shock waves through the NFL. In fact, the backlash has been so bad that the league is even looking at the idea of handing out 15-yard penalties for the use of racial slurs on the field during the game—an idea that, while well-intentioned, is patently stupid for a variety of reasons.

In any case, my point here is that the video you are about to watch could not come at a better time for the NFL PR people. You see, instead of an offensive lineman spewing vile racial epithets, it shows an offensive lineman doing something extremely sweet and thoughtful to commemorate the retirement of a teammate.

The retiring teammate, of course, is former Pro Bowl tackle Jordan Gross. The sweet and thoughtful guy, meanwhile, is Gross’s partner of the O-line, Ryan Kalil. He got a few members of the Panthers staff together this week and interrupted Gross’s retirement press conference with a half-decent barbershop quartet performance.

Take a look:

Memo to Richie Incognito—next time you want to bond with teammates, instead of calling them “half-n***er” pieces of sh*t and forcing them to go to strip clubs, just sing them a nice song or two.

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