College Hoops Player Throws Down Ridiculous In-Game Between-the-Legs Dunk (Video)

snap peters through-the-legs dunk

The Talladega College men’s basketball team is not an NCAA Division I program. In fact, it’s not even a Division II or Division III program, because it’s not actually in the NCAA. The Talladega Tornados play in the NAIA’s Division II, which puts them pretty much at the very bottom of the college basketball totem pole.

This week they might as well be the Duke Blue Devils, however, because one of their players gave us the best college basketball highlight you will see all year. And yes, I’m totally serious.

During a 140-104 blowout of Fisk University, Talladega’s 6’2″ junior guard Brandon “Snap” Peters performed an absolutely insane through-the-legs dunk. I repeat, it was during a game.

Take a look:

To be honest with you, I don’t know what is more amazing—this dunk, or the fact that we haven’t heard of this kid until now. The folks over at Deadspin did a bit of digging and discovered that Snap and the Tornados (which is the name of the new band I’m starting today) have been throwing down showtime dunks for a while now:

How is this kid not a Division I college basketball player? I’m sure his all-around game is deficient in some way, but in terms of pure entertainment value is there a more exciting college basketball player in the country? Surely he could be of some use to, say, the 6-22 Houston Baptist Huskies of the Southland Conference, right?

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