Minnesota Wild Defenseman Clayton Stoner Mangles Hand in Fight (GIF + Pics)

clayton stoner finger

Some people love hockey fights and insist they are an essential part of the game. Other people say they are barbaric and should be taken out of the game. And what’s really interesting is that both sides build their arguments upon the same foundation: physical carnage.

Ostensibly, proponents of fighting in hockey say it’s all about mutually assured destruction, which is to say the threat of having some goon knock your teeth in will make you think twice before doing something that might injure somebody. However, we all know that people really just like watching big sweaty dudes fight—the bloodier and more gruesome, the better (hence MMA).  And obviously that’s exactly what the anti-fight people don’t like.

So why do I bring all this up? Because during last night’s Minnesota-Edmonton game, a fight between the the former’s Clayton Stoner and the latter’s Luke Gazdic yielded a pretty gruesome sight that is sure to either delight or disgust you, depending on your stance.

Here’s the GIF:

clayton stoner dislocated finger

And here’s a closer look

clayton stoner finger 2

clayton stoner finger 3

clayton stoner finger 4

clayton stoner finger 5

Apparently Clayton Stoner only suffered a dislocated finger. And of course, he’s a hockey player, so the docs popped it back in, taped it up, and he returned to the game.

If that were me, I probably would have taken one look at my finger and fainted.


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