Here’s Kevin Love Imitating LeBron’s Off-the-Wall Practice Dunk (Video)

kevin love lebron james dunk immitation

When the Miami Heat were in Phoenix to take on the Suns right before the All-Star break, LeBron James gave us his annual “this is what you’re missing because I won’t take part in the slam dunk contest” performance. And, as usual, it was a breathtaking display of power and athleticism.

However, while the majority of us watched LeBron’s private, one-man dunk contest with our mouths hanging wide open, Minnesota’s Kevin Love was thinking, hey, I can do that. So earlier this week, when the T-Wolves were in Phoenix playing the Suns, Love decided to prove it.

Take a look:

Okay, fine, it doesn’t look nearly as impressive as the original. LeBron moves like a gazelle, while Kevin Love moves likes a…well, I don’t know what, but it’s not a gazelle. Still, the man put the ball in the basket, didn’t he? Give him some credit.

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