John Axford Goes 18-for-18 with Oscar Predictions

John Axford Oscars

John Axford is pretty much incapable of pitching a perfect game, seeing as how he is a reliever.  But as he proved last night, he is more than capable of calling a perfect Oscars.

That is exactly what the newly acquired member of the Cleveland Indians did last night, as Axford went a perfect 18-for-18 in his Oscar predictions.

Yes, he had 12 Years a Slave for Best Picture, Cate Blanchett for best Actress, and he even had Matthew McConaughey winning the award for Best Actor.  Here’s the proof, via Axford’s Facebook page:

john axford oscar predictions

Axford has done well with his Oscar predictions in the past, going 14-for-15 during last year’s Academy Awards, but even he seemed to be surprised by his performance last night.

Here’s what he tweeted after correctly predicting the first 16 awards:

John Axford Oscar Tweet 1

And here’s what Axford had to say after 12 Years a Slave won the award for Best Picture, capping off his perfect night:

John Axford Oscar Tweet 2

So what’s next for Axford?  How about a stab at all 24 categories:

John Axford Oscar Tweet 3

Hat Tip – [ESPN]



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