11 Awesome Sports Stories That Should Be Turned Into Movies

sports stories that should be movies

Last night there was this three and a half-hour show on TV where all they did was give golden statues to people for making good movies, and not one sports movie got a statue.

Now, I happen to love sports movies, so at first I was a little annoyed at what I believed to be a serious snub. “Man,” I thought, “these awards are never going to catch on unless they get their heads out of their asses. And ‘Oscars’? What kind of name is that?”

However, after I thought about it for a few minutes, I started to think those Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences people might have been on to something. Sure, there was an awesome movie about an epic Formula 1 rivlary (Rush) and a so-so movie about the guy who broke the color barrier in pro sports (42: The Jackie Robinson Story). But there was also a movie about two old dudes boxing (Grudge Match) and a movie about a snail who races in NASCAR (Turbo). So maybe Hollywood needs help finding some really good sports stories worthy of being made into movies.

That’s where today’s list comes in. I racked my brain to come up with a list of stories that would make sports movies that don’t suck, and came up with 11 no-doubters. Take a look and, as always, tell us what you think.

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