This GIF Pretty Much Sums Up LeBron’s 61-Point Performance (GIF)

LeBron James 61 points

Heading into the 2013-14 NBA season there were only 20 members of the NBA’s exclusive 60-point club. Now, thanks to the Charlotte Bobcats, there are 22.

Back in January, Carmelo Anthony dropped 62 points on the soon-to-be Hornets. Last night it was LeBron. The best player in the NBA had the best game of his career in a 124-107 victory over Charlotte on Monday, scoring a career-best and franchise-record 61 points.

So how do the two most recent 60-point games compare? Well, Melo had one more point, but he went 23/35 (.657) from the floor and 6/11 from beyond the arc, recording zero assists in the process. LeBron went 22/33 (.667) and 8/10, and he had five assists. So we’ll give the edge to Mr. South Beach.

Everyone stop hatin’ for just a minute and give the guy some love.

LeBron 61-point game vs Charlotte Bobcats

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