This Day In Sports History (March 4th) – George Foreman

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It was on this day in 1995 that George Foreman was stripped of his WBA Championship belt.  Foreman’s title was taken away after he refused to fight the World Boxing Associations’ number one contender, Tony Tucker.

To this day it is still unclear why Foreman declined to fight Tucker, but many have speculated it was because he was looking for a big payday with a super-fight against another challenger.  George would not get his desired fight, so he went on to fight German Alex Schulz for his IBF belt instead.  Foreman would win the fight in a controversial decision, but he never got his so-called super fight.  A couple of years later he would lose to Shannon Briggs in another controversial decision, thus ending his great career.

Some feel that Foreman, like Michael Jordan and Brett Favre, should have stayed retired after announcing his decision the first time.  However, he is still the oldest man to hold the heavyweight title, doing so at the age of 45.

Here is a clip of Foreman knocking out Moorer for the belt.

Notable Birthdays

Kevin Johnson, NBA – Born March 4th 1966 (age 48) in Sacramento, California

Robert Smith, NFL – Born March 4th 1972 (age 42) in Euclid, Ohio

Landon Donovan, Soccer – Born March 4th 1982 (age 32) in Ontario, California

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