Watch These Kentucky Basketball Fans Dance Their Grown Man Hearts Out (Video)

dancing fans at kentucky basketball game rupp arena

It has not been the best year for Kentucky Wildcats fans. After starting the year ranked #1 in the nation, their eight losses—including two in a row heading into last night’s game against Alabama—have now pushed them all the way down to #25. And that’s simply an indignity to which KU loyalists are not accustomed.

It probably wouldn’t come as a surprise, therefore, if I told you that the fans at Rupp Arena were pretty subdued last night. After all, they’re known to be a relatively tame bunch even in the best of times, and these are not the best of times.

However, it turns out there were three middle-aged men who had other ideas. So during a TV timeout early in the second half, they roused the crowd with a spirited dance performance.

The wacky guy on the right is actually pretty famous among Wildcats fans, who call him Boogie Man. The two guys on the left, however, were just random dudes who probably drank a little too much dancing juice.

Whatever the case, well done, dancing Kentucky dudes.

Hat Tip – [@cjzero]

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