Stupid Quiz Time: Which Miami Heat Player Are You?

miami heat

Have you ever found yourself wondering, “Gee, which Miami Heat player would I be?”

Okay, so you probably haven’t.  However, as you’ve undoubtedly noticed, for the past six weeks or so, people have been going nuts taking every online quiz anyone could possibly come up with.

Which country should you live it? (Azerbaijan!)
Mad Men character are you? (Betty!)
Which decade should you have been born in? (The 80s!)
Which king of bagel are you? (Multigrain!)
Which philosopher wants to punch you in the face? (Kant!)

With this quiz trend sweeping the nation, it’s only natural that somebody would create a quiz to determine which despised member of the Miami Heat you are, too.

As it turns out, that somebody is Next Impulse Sports. So obey the internet! Take the quiz below!

Me? I’m Mario Chalmers…but of course I answered all the questions to purposely get that result.

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