New Reebok ‘Retro Shop’ Ad Starring Allen Iverson and Shaq: “We Talkin’ Bout Pants?” (Video)

Allen Iverson Reebok commercial

The latest installment of Reebok‘s “Retro Shop” ad campaign is here, starring Allen Iverson, Shaq, and many more. The setting is the “Retro Shop” barbershop, in which a passionate conversation about pants rages on. And it’s all in service of the Kamikaze sneaker, set to come out later this month.

The Reebok “Retro Shop” Kamikize ad is a clear throwback to classic era barbershops, with more than a little inspiration coming from the movie Barbershop as well. And it’s all pretty entertaining, mostly thanks to Shaq and his famous way around a joke. And the spot’s generous running time of over a minute means you have plenty of time to enjoy it.

You can check out the Reebok Kamikaze “Retro Shop” commercial for yourself below, and watch out for the Reebok Kamikaze to hit a Reebok retailer near you on March 14th.

Here’s the video:

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