The Magic Played a Video Tribute to Dwight Howard on the Video Board, And the Fans Booed It (Videos)


No athlete has turned the screws on his team and its fans the way Dwight Howard did with the Orlando Magic. Not in recent memory, anyway.

The guy basically brought the whole franchise to a screeching halt by demanding a trade, backing off, demanding the coach be fired, actually waiving his option year to stay with Orlando, and then finally accepting a trade to the Lakers. Then he came out and said he thought the Magic should retire his number, apparently oblivious to how hilarious that is.

Anyway, last night Dwight made his second return to Orlando since holding the franchise hostage for six months, and the fans behaved exactly the way any self-respecting fans would have behaved—they booed him mercilessly.

Here’s what is absolutely f*cking insane, though. As part of their ongoing celebration of the team’s 25th anniversary, the Magic actually played a video tribute to Howard on the jumbotron during a first quarter timeout.

That’s right. Not kidding. Video tribute to the most hated man in the history of Orlando.

Obviously fans booed that, too:

I heard somebody call that a “classy” move by the Magic, but that’s nonsense. Being “classy” just means not talking sh*t about somebody. The Magic could have just kept their organizational mouth shut and been “classy.” Giving the guy a video tribute just makes them look stupid.

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