Former Pro Wrestler Buff Bagwell Is Now a Male Prostitute (Video)

buff bagwell gigolo

Apparently former pro wrestler Buff Bagwell is a gigolo now. So that’s pretty weird.

The former 6x WCW tag-team champion now moonlights for Cowboys4Angels, the male prostitution ring at the heart of Showtime’s hit “reality” show cleverly titled Gigolos. And we know this because he recently appeared on the show, explaining how eager he was to be embarking down a new career path.

According to Garren James, owner of the gigolo service and star of the show, this is no publicity stunt either. Bagwell is listed on the website as one of the men available to provide, er, companionship services, and James says the 44-year-old beafcake is already his second-most popular escort.

Hard to believe? Yep. But here’s a clip of the show so you know I’m not lying:

Obviously, that really is Bagwell. He’s still got the same stupid haircut. However, whether or not he actually is having sex with women for money is another story. Since Gigolos debuted, a lot of media organizations have gone digging to figure out whether it really is real, and most have come to the conclusion that it’s not. According to The Daily Beast, for example, one women who appeared on the show admitted that she was actually hired to be a client and that she did not actually have sex.

That being said, the same woman also said she believed the men actually were gigolos. So who knows, maybe this Bagwell thing is for real and he is banging lonely rich ladies for a living.

Of course, there is one way to find out for sure. Anyone got $800?

Hat Tip – [TMZ via Reader CP]

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