Jim Harbaugh Was Giving Pep Talks and Hitting Half-Court Shots with the Kansas Jayhaws in His Famous Khakis Yesterday (Pic + Video)

When a fire fighter goes to speak to a bunch of grade schoolers, he always brings his coat and hat so he looks the part. Same thing when Jack Hannah goes on the Late Show or the Tonight Show—he always wears his zookeeper outfit, just so everyone watching at home knows he’s legit.

San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh is no different. When he has a speaking engagement, he always wears his Jim Harbaugh uniform so people don’t think he’s just some random crazy person off the street. Or his brother.

So yesterday, when Harbaugh stopped by the Allen Field House in Lawrence to give the Jayhawks a little pep talk before their “senior night” game against Texas Tech, he had the Niners cap and he had the Niners sweatshirt tucked ever-so-snugly into his big, billowy pleated khakis.

Jim Harbaugh KU Jayhawks pep talk

Honestly, at this point, if you hired Jim Harbaugh for a speaking engagement and he didn’t wear his sweatshirt and khakis, you’d be pretty disappointed wouldn’t you?

As for the Jayhawks, don’t be surprised if Bill Self ditches the suits and goes with the Harbaugh look come tourney time—especially after Harbaugh did this:

Yeah Jim, we got that on video.


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