Moronic Spectator Nearly Gets Obliterated by a Race Truck While Trying to Take a Photo (Video)

crazy chick almost killed by race truck

About a year and a half ago, we did a post about a male spectator at a drift race in Poland who was nearly killed while crouching down on the track trying to take a picture. Today we have a post about a female spectator at an off-road truck race in Mexico who nearly got killed doing pretty much the same thing.

The circumstances, obviously, are slightly different. However, the problem is exactly the same—both people are f*cking idiots.

Today’s incident comes from the San Felipe 250, which takes place annually on Mexico’s Baja Peninsula some time in late February or early March. As you’ll see, one female spectator decided it would be totally super awesome to get a picture of herself with one of the trucks in the background. So she wandered out onto the course, like you do, and stood in front of an oncoming truck.

The difference between life and instant, splattery death? Well, from the looks of it, I’d say about three inches.

Judge for yourself:

Now, as one smart Jalopnik reader pointed out, it does sound like the driver lets up on the gas a bit before coming into the frame, which suggests he saw her and adjusted his course ever so slightly.

But even if that’s the case, that does’t change the simple fact that this is not a very smart person.

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