31 Best Shaq GIFs in the History of Shaq GIFs

Shaq GIFs (Shaquille O'Neal GIFs)

I don’t know if Shaquille Rashaun O’Neal has ever taught me a single thing about the game of basketball in his role as “studio analyst” for NBA on TNT, and I do not care. Shaq was not hired for his insightful observations or his ability to break down a team’s dribble drive motion offense. He was hired to be goofy, and that’s exactly what he does better than anyone else in sports broadcasting.

Today, as a tribute to the greatest 7’1″ 350-pound rapper the world has ever known, I present to you the 31 best Shaq GIFs you will ever see…at least until the next time he does something insane. 

Please, enjoy.


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