Radio Show’s Prank Call Trying to Sell WWE Pay-Per-View Package Drives Woman Insane (Audio)

john cena vs the rock

Listen guys, I’m generally not inclined to give blanket advice about relationships. Every person is different, so every couple is different. However, I’m relatively confident that upwards of 90% of women probably do not want to be the mark for a radio morning show telephone prank. So if you are considering asking the local morning jocks in your town to harass your wife on-air, you might want to think twice…or maybe even three times.

That being said, the woman in this particular prank call you’re about to hear handled it pretty well. I mean sure, she went apeshit on the folks from the Z104 (Virginia Beach) morning show, the Z Morning Zoo. Who wouldn’t get fed up with a bunch of a-holes trying to sell you a WWE pay-per-view package to watch John Cena at Summer Slam? But all in all she kept it together and seemed to find it mildly amusing at the end.

Have a listen:

Apparently this thing is a couple years old, but who cares. If you’ve heard it before you probably don’t mind hearing it again. And if you haven’t, well then it’s new to you.

As for all the wives out there…be glad you’re not married to Marie’s husband.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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