It Took 20 Years, but They’re Finally Going to Make ‘Shaq Fu 2’ (Videos)

shaq fu 2

The original Shaq Fu came out for Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis in 1994. The idea was that Shaq had to use his kung fu skills to save some kid in Tokyo, and pretty much anyone who’s ever played it agrees that it is absolutely one of the worst video games of all-time. In fact, it was so terrible that there’s even an entire website solely dedicated to eradicating every single copy of the game in existence so that no one ever accidentally plays it again.

So obviously Shaquille O’Neal is now working on a sequel. It’s called Shaq Fu 2, and Big Deez Productions is now trying to crowdfund the project on IndiGogo.

The goal, as the Big Aristotle himself explains, is redemption:

Of course, the million dollar question here is, “How awesome will Shaq Fu 2 be?” And the answer is this awesome:

Wow, right?

Hat Tip – [Extra Mustard]

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