Crazy UC Santa Barbara Fan Runs Onto Court and Screams in Coach’s Face (Video)

ucsb fan runs onto court

Last week, Utah Valley students stormed the court and ended up fighting New Mexico State basketball players. It was all very unfortunate, for sure, but also a bit of a fluke. It’s pretty common for students to run onto the court after a big win, and if a New Mexico State player hadn’t lashed out at one of the Utah Valley players like an angry toddler after the game, nothing would have happened.

What happened last night during the Hawaii-UCSB was much more bizarre.

After Hawaii coach Gib Arnold got a technical, a UC Santa Barbara fan ran out onto the floor, got right in his face, and started screaming. At that point some Hawaii players stepped in and pushed the douchebag away, and he back-peddled off the court while challenging them to a fight.

Take a look:

After that this guy remained in the stands for at least a couple of minutes, gesturing toward the court. However, he was eventually arrested by campus police and will now face a disciplinary hearing.

“The extent of his punishment would be speculation,” said UC Santa Barbara spokesperson Bill Mohaney, “but I would doubt it will be mild.”

Of course, that means expulsion is not off the table…which is hilarious considering the idiot was wearing a UCSB Class of ’14 t-shirt. Study for four years, get this close to graduating, then get drunk and ruin it all.

His parents must be thrilled right now.

Hat Tip – [College Basketball Talk and ESPN]

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