Oscar Pistorius Cries and Vomits in Court as Pathologist Reveals Autopsy Results During Murder Trial (Video)

Oscar Pistorius cry in court

Earlier today, during the Oscar Pistorius murder trial in South Africa, Judge Thokozile Masipa determined that the testimony of pathologist Gert Saayman (who preformed the autopsy) was not fit to be broadcast live on television due to the graphic nature of it’s contents and the belief that their unveiling to the public would compromise the dignity of deceased model Reeva Steenkamp and her family.

But while we were unable to sit though the pathologist’s testimony and listen to the grueling details of Steenkamp’s death, Pistorius wasn’t so lucky.  He had to sit there and relive the horrifying incident, all while crying hysterically and puking into a bucket.

I’m not sure if that makes him seem more guilty, or less guilty.

Here’s a recap of Day 6 in the Oscar Pistorius murder trial:

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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