The 30 Most Hideous Soccer Jerseys of All Time


The vast majority of soccer uniforms are pretty unadventurous. In hockey and football they wear shirts and pants with bold blocks of color and lots of stripes, but in soccer the designs are typically more subdued. 

This is certainly the case with the uniforms the U.S. Men’s National Team will wear at the 2014 FIFA World Cup. In fact, subdued probably doesn’t do them justice. Extremely boring is more apt, seeing as how they look like plain white golf shirts.

However, not all soccer uniforms are boring. When teams do decide to get adventurous and break with tradition, the kits tend to look like they were designed by a cubist on acid. And today, to prove to American soccer fans that the new uniforms could have been worse, we’re going to look at the 30 most batsh*t insane soccer jerseys of all time.


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