This Day In Sports History (March 11th) — NFL Adopts Instant Replay

It was on this day in 1986 that the National Football League announced it would use instant replay for the upcoming season.

In 1986, the technology was nowhere near what it is today, which made instant replay unpopular with players, coaches and the fans.  As a result, in 1992 the NFL decided to abandon its instant replay system, but after years of complaining from several coaches, instant replay made a comeback during the 1999 season.  Although there were still many aspects that were flawed, the ability for a coach to challenge a disputed call has definitely improved the game of football.  The current rules allow a coach to challenge two plays throughout the course of a game.  He is awarded a third if the first two challenges are successful.

Human element and mistakes have always been part of any sport and will continue to be in the future.  However, instant replay has made the game better and less controversial.  Although it might take an extra few minutes, it is always better to get the call right.


Notable Birthdays

Shawn Springs, NFL – Born March 11th 1975 (age 39) in Williamsburg, Virginia

Elton Brand, NBA – Born March 11th 1979 (age 35) in Cortlandt Manor, New York

Dan Uggla, MLB – Born MArch 11th 1980 (age 34) in Louisville, Kentucky

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