Two Friends Team Up For Awesome Golf Trick Shot (Video)

golf trick shot

The art of the golf trick-shot is hard enough to master by yourself, so the dedication required for a concerted trick-shot between two people is almost too much to imagine. But the pair of Zachary Christman and Eric Angeles put in the work and emerged with a pretty awesome trick shot video for their trouble.

The shot is probably best experienced through video, but to briefly describe it to you, one of the guys hits the ball a few feet to the other guy standing in front of him, who then smacks the ball in midair. The timing has to be perfect, as evidenced by all the failed attempts you can see on the grass in the video. But all those tries were undoubtedly worth it, given how great the end result ended up being.

To take a look at Zachary Christman and Eric Angeles’ incredible golf trick shot (as submitted to 59 Belts), just watch the video below. And if you’re thinking about trying something like this for yourself, just remember that you need the following things: A dedicated friend, a reliable video camera, and a nearly infinite amount of golf balls.

Here’s the video:


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