Justin Bieber Is a Sad, Sad Tool, and Here’s More Proof (Video)

Justin Bieber playing basketball

You probably already knew Justin Bieber had become one of the world’s preeminent tools. However, just in case you were on the fence about the kid, we present to you this Instagram video of him trying to act like he’s awesome at basketball.

You see, Justin Bieber is quite obviously not awesome at basketball. Nevertheless, in this video he makes his poor manager, Scooter Braun, play terrible defense and flop on the ground when the Biebs pulls some bullish*t behind-the-back juke move. Then Bieber has everyone in the background go “OOOH” like they are genuinely impressed with this charade.

It’s pathetic.

Though, to be fair, at least Justin was sober enough to dribble a basketball. That’s something!

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