27 Awesome Ankle-Breaker GIFs

ankle breaker gifs

Dunks are are fun to watch. Anybody who’s ever seen LeBron James show off at practice knows that. However, in it’s simplest, most basic form, a dunk is just a person dropping a ball through a hoop. Anybody who’s seven feet tall can do it, and you see about 10 to 20 dunks every time you watch a basketball game.

But dribbling a basketball and juking a professional athlete so badly that his motor skills fail him and he falls on the ground? That’s a talent only a relatively small number of people in the world possess, and it’s far more rare—which is probably why they gave it such an awesome name: the ankle-breaker.

Today, we’re celebrating the ankle-breaker, the Holy Grail of basketball highlights, with this list of awesome ankle-breaker GIFs. You should probably take a look, because it’s kind of awesome.

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