Photo Shows Golfer Playing Through Hundreds of Wolves

Wolf Sculptures

It’s a common saying that “photos don’t lie,” but actually in some circumstances they can lie pretty heavily. Just take the above photo of golfer David Klein at the New Zealand Open a few weeks ago, for example. If you take it at face value, it appears to depict Klein courageously (and even nonchalantly) walking through a huge horde of wolves on the course. The reality, though, is a little less impressive.

Those “wolves” are actually wolf sculptures, bought by the course’s owner from a Chinese sculptor and added to the Hills Golf Club course, presumably for photo opportunities just like this one. They also make for a much more visually interesting hazard than the usual sand and water traps. And if this becomes some kind of trend in golf course design, all I can say is watching the PGA Tour on television will probably get a little bit more interesting.

There’s another photo of the Hills Golf Club wolf sculptures, featuring golfer Tom Bond, below. And in case you don’t believe that they’re sculptures (maybe you suspect I’m just trying to prevent a panic regarding New Zealand being invaded by wolves), you can check out an article here about their purchase and placement.

Wolf Sculptures



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