John Elway Says NFL Free Agency Is Like Dating

John Elway

The NFL’s 2014 free agency period is less than two days old, but already the Denver Broncos have made a huge splash. They signed safety T.J. Ward away from the Browns, they signed cornerback Aqib Talib away from the Pats, and they scooped up defensive end DeMarcus Ware after he was released by the Cowboys.

So what’s behind this early binge?

Well, obviously the smackdown they got in the Super Bowl from the Seahawks has taught the Broncos that simply having the most potent offense in the NFL is not going to win them a championship.

However, there’s more to it than that. Denver’s free agency feast is also a result of the unique free agency philosophy of GM John Elway. And that philosophy, as reported by ESPN’s Eric Weidner, is this:

I wonder how many dates Elway expects he’ll have to wait before his new free agent girlfriends put out?

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