Lacrosse Announcer Got Really Pumped About This Goal (Video)

Great Lacrosse Goal

I haven’t watched a lot of lacrosse, and what I have seen has been in person, so I’ve never been privy to the art of live lacrosse color commentary. But judging from this clip, it takes a special breed of person to step behind the microphone and spit hot lacrosse-related fire on a regular basis.

Here’s one example of what I’m talking about: at a recent game between St. Paul’s and Canada’s Hill Academy, St. Paul’s Carter Flaig scores a legitimately amazing goal behind his back without looking. It’s the kind of thing anyone would get excited about, but the commentator takes it to the next level by shouting things like “hashtag ‘SCTop10.'” Take a moment to imagine what it would be like if a football or baseball announcer started using “hashtag” as a catchphrase—and remember, when that inevitably does happen, it happened in lacrosse first.

You can take a look at a clip of the incredible lacrosse goal by Carter Flaig, accompanied by its almost-as-incredible color commentary, below. And, FYI, I looked up that “it must be jelly” thing he says and it’s a quotation from a 1940s pop song. Still pretty awesome, though.

Here’s the video:

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