Michelle Beadle Is Going to the Prom with Paralyzed Hockey Player Jack Jablonski

jack jablonski

When he was just 16-years-old, Minnesota hockey player Jack Jablonski took a check into the boards that fractured his spine and left him paralyzed from the chest down. Did he despair? Did he give up all hope of having a happy life? No way. Since that fateful day the kid has been nothing short an inspiration to everyone he’s met. This is why Jabs, now 17, has over 52,000 Twitter followers and his own segment on sports radio station 105 The Ticket called “Hockey Night in Minnesota.”

It’s also why he’s secured a pretty hot date for the prom.

Yesterday Michelle Beadle, co-host of ESPN’s SportsNation, made a guest appearance on Jack’s weekly Hockey Night segment, which presented the high school kid an opportunity he just couldn’t pass up. So a few minutes into the interview, he popped the question.

“I’d formally like to invite you to my prom,” Jack said, after co-host Mike Morris and Bob Sansevere broached the subject.

Beadle immediately said yes…then asked if she could wear an ’80s dress.

Later she explained to Larry Brown Sports that she had known Jack through Twitter for a few years. “I know that he’s a badass and someone I look up to immensely,” she explained. “I was shocked when he asked today. And I adore him for doing it live on the radio. I’m honored to squeeze my 38 year old behind into a formal gown for a great night!”

Jack’s prom is April 26. We’ll look forward to the pictures.


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