Charles Barkley Was Dozing Off Last Night on ‘NBA on TNT’ (Video + GIFs)

barkley falling asleep

Normally if we’re doing a post about Charles Barkley, it’s because he had some interesting things to say on NBA on TNT. However, today we’re going a post about him precisely because he didn’t have any interesting things to say last night…because he was falling asleep.

Yep, last night on NBA on TNT, Sir Charles lost interest in what was going on and started dozing off in the middle of the broadcast.

Did Chuck enjoy a few adult beverages before work? Did his next door neighbor throw a party the night before that kept him up all night? Who knows. All I know for sure is that his coworkers did not let him live this down:

And in case you want to compare Shaq’s impression, here are the obligatory GIFs:

Charles Barkley sleep

Shaq mock Barkley fall asleep

Of course, Barkley’s little nap shouldn’t come as a huge shock to anyone. It’s happened before:

barkley sleep

For Christ’s sake, someone get this man a cup of coffee.