Liberty University “Soar Dunk” Team Lets HS Student Try Trampoline Dunk, Hilarity Results (Video)

trampoline dunk fail

Never let it be said that the athletics department of Liberty University don’t know how to “cut loose” and “have fun.”  Just take a look at what happened when the school’s Soar Dunk team made a visit to a high school, as they actually let some kids from the crowd try one of the team’s trampoline dunks.

While some of the high school students were reportedly able to give a respectable showing, the kid we’re honoring today did something even better when he tripped on the trampoline and faceplanted onto the floor. It’s hard to tell from the video whether it was just the kid landing in the wrong place that’s to blame, or if the trampoline fell over when he landed on it, but who am I, Roger Ebert? Let’s not nitpick something this beautiful.

Even the people in the audience started laughing pretty soon after the gasping was over, so I think it’s pretty safe to say the kid wasn’t seriously hurt. And besides, you can’t expect to achieve immortality without getting some scrapes and bruises.

So if you’ve got 11 spare seconds, here’s the video. Enjoy:

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