North Carolina Hunter Bags 500-Pound Wild Boar (Video)

Jett Webb 500-pound wild boar

The headline is true and that photo is real. On February 28, a 34-year-old North Carolina hunter named Jett Webb killed this monster at the White Oak Ranch Hunting Club.

This particular wild boar was actually spotted on a trail camera several years ago, and ever since then hunters at the club have been trying to track it down. However, the thing just went on being a 500-pound wild boar, doing 500-pound wild boar things, until Webb came along and turned it into sausage with a single shot from a .308 calibre rifle at 50 yards.

The folks at CNN caught up with Webb and the owner of the hunting club, Mike Mansell, and got the scoop on what they plan to do with the massive pig:

Am I the only one who found it interesting that these guys were PC-enough to emphasize the fact that boars are not endangered, and that they plan to eat every last ounce of this guy, but they had no problem displaying all their meat on a Confederate flag table?

boar meat

Aaaanyway, in case you were wondering, wild boars typically weight between 100 and 200 pounds. However, while this one was extreme, it wasn’t a record. A guide at a hunting club in Georgia bagged an 800-pounder back in 2005. In fact, that hog was so famous among local hunters that it had it’s own badass nickname (Hogzilla) and National Geographic documentary.

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