9 Biggest NCAA Tournament Snubs of All Time

MSU basketball 2014 ncaa tournament snub -- biggest ncaa tournament snubs all time

Every year the NCAA Tournament selection committee has it’s decisions scrutinized and questioned. However, the draw they came up with for the 2014 installment of March Madness has proven to be more controversial than most.

For starters, Louisville is a No. 4 seed—which means the committee thinks they’re no better than 13th in the nation—despite the fact that they are the defending champs and are actually 5th fifth in the polls. Then there’s the fact that 25th ranked SMU was snubbed from the tourney altogether.

Granted, the Mustangs are just 55th in the RPI index, which everyone knows is one of the main tools used by the selection committee to evaluate the field. Still, you would think they could have at least stuck SMU in one of the play-in games. As it is, this is only the second time ever a nationally ranked team got excluded from the field, which is a pretty big burn.

But how does the SMU snub stack up against the other major snubs in NCAA Tournament history? Well, here’s my list of the top nine prior to 2014. Take a look and judge for yourself.

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