Brent Musburger Is Really Impressed by These Female Iowa State Fans and Their Selfie (Video)

Brent Musburger Iowa State selfie

Part of being a successful sportscaster is being able to see events happen before your eyes and synthesize them into an entertaining and informative copy for the viewers and listeners at home. And in Brent Musburger’s case, if you see some attractive women taking a selfie during an Iowa State University basketball game, that means expressing your approval in the most hilarious way possible.

The 74-year-old Musburger (who isn’t new to this kind of situation) was calling Friday’s Big 12 semifinal game between Kansas and Iowa State when a shot of a trio of lovely ISU fans taking a selfie graced his monitor. He was then, by his own description, “pleased with this selection,” before letting loose with an “ooh, yeah,” which will probably haunt my dreams for weeks.

If you’re prepared for the intimacy of hearing Brent Musburger verbally slobber over some selfie-snapping ISU fans, the whole thing can be seen and heard in the video below. As Musburger himself puts it, “why not a selfie?”

Here’s the video:

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