Steve Smith’s Biggest Fan Was Pretty Devastated When the Panthers Cut Him (Video)

kid reacts to steve smith getting released by panthers

In theory, I’m not really opposed to parents filming the moment in which their kids find out their favorite athletes have been traded or released by their favorite team. If done well, it captures innocence and can serve as a reminder to these extremely rich and entitled people that, regardless of whether it’s fair or right, young people do look up to them.

That being said, I’m not really crazy about breaking the bad news to your kid and then rubbing it in for maximum effect. And that certainly seems to be what’s going on in this video, as the dad who is telling his son that the Carolina Panthers have cut longtime receiver Steve Smith doesn’t explain the situation as delicately as one would have hoped.

Take a look:

Hey, at least the little girl is focusing on the positive.

Of course, Steve Smith is a classier guy than Gavin’s dad, so when he got wind of this he took to Twitter to track down his #1 fan.

steve smith fan tweet 1

Now it looks like the kid is going to get a consolation prize for having been embarrassed on the internet.

steve smith fan tweet

Heartwarming, isn’t it?

Hat Tip – [Fox Sports]

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