Dikembe Mutombo Trolled the Poor Denver Nuggets Mascot Pretty Good Last Night (Video + GIF)

dikembe mutombo finger wag

If the Denver Nuggets were in the Eastern Conference, where teams are tanking because they know they can’t beat Miami, they’d be in the playoff hunt with their 30-37 record. However, in the West a .448 winning percentage leaves them 9½ games back of the final spot with only 15 games remaining. So they’re cooked. And that means it’s bread and circus time.

What do I mean by bread and circus time? I mean it’s time to distract fans from the sad realization that the rest of the games are totally meaningless by using promotional events and wacky halftime shows. More specifically, I mean it’s time to bring back franchise icon Dikembe Mutombo, because basketball fans in Denver love that guy.

And last night that’s exactly what they did. They brought back Dikembe Mutombo to hold the ball for Rocky, the Nuggets mascot, while he performed an acrobatic trampoline dunk during halftime.

Of course, in a move absolutely nobody saw coming, Mutombo denied the anthropomorphic lion the rock and then busted out his signature “nuh uh” finger wag.

Take a look:

mutombo finger wag

Oh, Dikembe, you so crazy.

Hat Tip – [Next Impulse Sports]

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